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South of the Ammersee, the Raisting radome and the huge satellite dishes of the earth station, can be recognized from afar as a special landmark and invite you to take a detour and a little discovery tour.

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The Raisting Radom is the last of its kind in the world. Be amazed by the size and the technology on site and experience a unique time on site.

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Industrial monument

What is The Raisting Radom, and what is it used for? Why here? And?! Curious now?

Raistinger Wanne

The Raistinger Wanne is a wide, flat valley bordered by chains of hills to the east and west and closed off to the north by the Ammersee lake. The "edges" of the trough were intended to shield the antennas of the earth station from interfering terrestrial radio signals.


Parking spaces directly on site. Raisting train station is only a 15-minute walk away. The exhibition is mostly accessible at ground level.

Radom Raisting

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It was technically almost impossible to transmit live television pictures between continents until the worldwide network of Earth stations and the Ground communication station became operational. To watch an important event elsewhere, the 2-inch magnetic tapes used at the time had to be flown by plane from continent to continent.

From 1965, satellite communications made it possible to operate a previously unheard-of number of telephone or television channels.

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Connecting the future with the past, today.

What does the Raisting Radome and the earth station have in common with the 1969 moon landing and the Olympic Games 1972?
What impact did the technology of satellite communication have on citizens in Europe and worldwide?

So Much to discover

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Today you have the opportunity to explore the wonders of this monument by yourself. You can experience the absolutely breathtaking and picturesque region around the complex as well as independently get a glimpse of this giant. Get ready for your next adventure and plan your visit to the Radom Raisting.


The radome Raisting and the antenna I of the earth station Raisting
Built: 1963 - 1964 by the Deutsche Bundespost
Architect: Hans Maurer
Operation: 1965 - 1985; transmission of telephone and television signals

Operating technology

Support air blower: normal pressure 400 Pascal 
from 90 Km/h wind: 1.200 Pascal 
Other: heating, air conditioning and electric,


Height: 39.5 m
Diameter at ground level: 43 m Equator: 48.5 m
Surface area: approx. 1,500 m²
Volume: 56,000 m³

Airlock technology

Since there is a relative overpressure of 400 Pascal in the radome, the radome can only be entered through the pressure locks. Antenna I was also brought into the radome in individual parts through the truck airlock and assembled there from bottom to top.

Parabolic antenna

Height: 32 m
Diameter: parabolic: 25 m Weight: approx. 280 tons
Components: steel, aluminum, electrical and electromechanical components

Antenna technology

Transmission and reception of telephone and TV signals to satellites at a distance of approx. 40,000 km
Frequencies: 4170 / 6390 MHz

Radome hull

Weight: 10.5 tons
Material: Sattler 780 Atlas Architecture Type V TFX opaque

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Radom Raisting is Germany’s first commercially operated satellite ground station. The building was constructed in 1963/64 on behalf of Deutsche Bundespost. Inside, the pillarless airdome houses a parabolic antenna with a diameter of 25 meters, which was used for intercontinental radio communications (telephone and television) via news satellites until 1985. Today, the radome is operated and maintained by the non-profit Radom Raisting GmbH.

The radome was added to the list of monuments in 1999 and was awarded the title “Industrial Monument of Outstanding National Importance”.


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"Really impressive. At must see. Free parking is available onsite and you can even walk to the church. Beautiful. "

Pe HeTra
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"Really a great area with a beautiful alpine panorama view. The transmitter makes a stark counterpoint to nature here. You don’t find that very often. It’s worth a visit. ."

"In the middle of nowhere and nothing, you suddenly think you’re in one of the Star Wars scenes. I think that was the ice planet Hoth… "
Alex Schätz
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The Raisting radome, with antenna I hidden under the air dome, is the first large commercial antenna for civil satellite communications to be erected in Germany. And in the meantime, it is the last facility in the world to be preserved in almost its original condition.

Deutsche Bundespost and its international partners began planning in 1961. In the spring of 1963, construction work began on the Raisting earth station. In October 1963, the radome was inflated and then Antenna I was erected under the protective cover. The facility officially went into operation in April 1965.

The Raisting earth station was mainly used for telephone and television transmissions via satellite. In addition, technologies for marine radio and direct satellite telephony were tested and established.
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Air dome: 

Diameter: 48.80 meters

Height: 39.50 meters

Material thickness: 1.2 millimeters

Weight / area: 10.5 tons / approx. 5,300 m2 

Antenna I: 

Diameter: 25.00 meters

Height: 32.00 meters

Material: steel / stainless steel / aliminium

Weight / area: approx. 280 tons / approx. 500 m2

Movement: Rotate: 380 °, Pivot: -1° – + 125°. 

In 2009, it was determined that the collapse of the bearing air dome could be expected at any time. In addition, the building also showed massive damage to ceilings and walls. In the years between 2010 and 2012, the identified damage was repaired by Radom Raisting GmbH, with the energetic support of numerous companies and financial support including funds from the federal government, the Free State of Bavaria and the district of Weilheim-Schongau for the protection of historical monuments.

In the winter of 2020, the supporting air shell was destroyed by the extreme storm event “Bianca” and replaced by a new supporting air shell in October 2021.

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The annual operating costs amount to around €150,000.
Around one third of this is spent on energy and maintenance respectively. Restoration after the storm event will cost around €2.3 million.

The industrial monument Radom Raisting is a monument of outstanding national importance.
The owner and operator is the non-profit Radom Raisting GmbH.
It is a 100% subsidiary of the district of Weilheim-Schongau.

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